Digital + HumaN

Our approach helps people manage and understand their meds.  We provide the digital tools they need to stay engaged in their health while connecting them to our pharmacist Med Coaches so they’re never alone in their medication journey.

Combining self-reported patient data with our real-time pharmacy claims and eligibility APIs allows our Med Coaches to proactively identify people who could benefit from higher-touch engagement.


Validated by Experts

“We are excited to partner with MyMeds for our research. Their Digital + Human approach to changing medication-taking behaviors, and their ability to connect to any PBM, stands apart from all the technologies that we have seen. We have been studying and testing the best available adherence apps since 2011, and MyMeds has always been a top performer from the perspectives of users and providers. When you couple the innovative features of the MyMeds app with the provider-centered clinical portal you get a level of real-time adherence monitoring suite that is second to none.”

- Dr. Seth Heldenbrand, PharmD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

“Reaching individuals with timely, accurate medication information helps support their overall care. Working with MyMeds is another way Mayo Clinic is able to share its knowledge and expertise with others to support medication adherence and clinical outcomes.”

- Susan wescott

Director of Pharmacy Managed Care, Mayo Clinic

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Employers continue to invest in pharmacy, yet the individual's experience is unchanged despite spending more.  Protecting the investment is more important today than ever before because the number of people taking meds for chronic conditions is rising. Up to 10% of your healthcare spend is related to a poor medication experience.

Payors & PBMs

Improving member engagement and adherence is a crucial step toward lowering costs while improving patient outcomes. Pharmacy is the #1 touchpoint in a consumer’s healthcare journey. Our Digital + Human platform helps members feel better and save money.