Our Mission

We transform the way people think about taking their meds.

our Vision

People use the MyMeds Digital + Human platform to easily learn about their meds and get more engaged in their health.

Members connect to a clinical team so they're never alone, while building relationships that promote better outcomes and cost savings for all.

Digital + HumaN

MyMeds takes a comprehensive
Digital + Human approach to help patients manage and understand their meds.  We provide individuals with the digital tools they need to connect with their
human care teams.

Care teams access real time data through the clinical portal to target patients at risk for medication non-adherence. Through real-time claims and eligibility APIs to PBMs, we're able to reduce costs and improve member outcomes.


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What We Do

Patient solution

Patients track their medication-taking behaviors while learning why they take their meds - and what could happen if they don't.

Clinical Solution

Clinicians use real-time adherence data to target the patients that need help, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Work With Us


Medication non-adherence can double healthcare costs, and it is estimated that 10% of employer health spend is due to medication non-adherence.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Boosting medication adherence is critical to ensuring that Pharmacy Benefit Management organizations achieve high-quality care at lower costs.


Improving member engagement and adherence is a crucial step toward lowering costs while improving patient outcomes. We help members feel better and save money.

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About MyMeds

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Our Partners

We work with PBMs, Payors, and Employers to positively influence medication taking behaviors.

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