Pharmacists in the Clinic

by Michelle Tran,Pharm.D

Pharmacists work in a variety of settings. They are not only in the retail setting that you may be most familiar with, but also working in hospitals, business settings, insurance companies, and clinics. Pharmacists that work in clinics see patients one-on-one similarly to any other doctor visit with the focus of going over all of your medications. This may be a service that you could be receiving and may even be a covered service under your health insurance plan. Clinics that have pharmacists can be primary care clinics or specialty clinics such as a transplant office, a cancer center, a rheumatoid arthritis clinic, and many others.

These clinic visits that pharmacists provide are called medication therapy management, or MTM, visits. They can help in many ways, such as answering your questions on medications and helping to manage your medications to make sure they are right for you, working well for you, safe for you, and that you can take them easily.

Not all clinics may have a pharmacist and not all insurance plans may cover this service. You can call your clinic and ask if they provide this service or they can provide which clinics near you within their health system that provides this service. The pharmacist providing the service can tell you if your health insurance covers the visit prior to you coming in for it. Often, your doctor may refer you to see a pharmacist to help manage your medications and diseases as a pharmacist can sometimes more easily see a patient more often in a year and for longer visits if needed.