Web or Mobile

it's your choice

Whether you prefer to access your account on the web or on your smartphone device (iPhone or Android), MyMeds is there for you.


we make it easy

Through our partnerships, we make it easy to set up your account. If your health plan works with us, you'll simply need to authenticate your account. Once you've done so, your medication information will automatically and securely populate into your account.

New prescriptions will also transfer to your MyMeds profile, keeping all of your medications safe and secure in a single location.

Medication Reminders

text, email, push notification -- it's your choice

Who doesn't occasionally forget to take their meds? With MyMeds, you'll never forget. We'll send you reminders when it's time to take your meds -- and we'll send those reminders the way you want.

Remembering to take your meds has never been easier.


Privacy and Security

We take it seriously

We undergo numerous security audits on an annual basis in an effort to ensure that your medical information is as safe and secure as possible. We also comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Have Questions?


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