World's Leading Digital Adherence Researchers Choose MyMeds

World's Leading Digital Adherence Researchers Choose MyMeds' Digital + Human Platform for Research Partnership


The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) pharmacists, whose independent research on digital adherence tools is the most cited in the world, have selected MyMeds as their research partner to study the impact of digital solutions on medication adherence.

In today’s healthcare ecosystem, the convergence of pharmacy, consumerism and digital technology plays a very important role, especially regarding medication adherence. The UAMS research team, led by Pharmacy Practice Professors Seth Heldenbrand, PharmD and Lindsey Dayer, PharmD, BCACP are leaders in the study of adherence innovation. For their next research study, they have chosen to leverage the MyMeds Digital + Human platform to assess the medication adherence benefits when patients with chronic conditions utilize digital technology to help manage their medications.

“We are excited to partner with MyMeds for our research. Their Digital + Human approach to changing medication-taking behaviors, and their ability to connect to any PBM, stands apart from all the technologies that we have seen. We have been studying and testing the best available adherence apps since 2011, and MyMeds has always been a top performer from the perspectives of users and providers. When you couple the innovative features of the MyMeds app with the provider-centered clinical portal you get a level of real-time adherence monitoring suite that is second to none,” said Dr. Heldenbrand.

The MyMeds Digital + Human platform is differentiated by its comprehensive focus on the patient’s entire medication experience: 

  • Proprietary universal PBM connectivity that is currently connected to 3 major PBMs (OptumRx, Prime Therapeutics and MedImpact) and allows prescription-related information to easily populate in real-time.

  • Combining digital technology with a human clinical team to build relationships and change patients’ medication-taking behaviors for the long-term.

  • Omni-channel digital user platform (#notjustanapp) allows patients of all ages and tech savviness to use MyMeds regardless of whether they prefer smartphone apps, tablets, computers, or SMS. It also allows caregivers to help their elderly relatives or kids.

  • Integrated, real-time clinical portal that allows the care team to identify adherence issues early, to stratify intervention to those at the greatest risk, which is very important for specialty and chronic conditions.

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication channel that fosters trust and helps reduce expensive member communication costs for PBMs/health plans.

“As leading experts in this area, Dr. Heldenbrand and his team at UAMS have looked at every major digital adherence solution in the world. For them to choose the MyMeds Digital + Human platform is a humbling validation of our unique, team-based approach to adherence. We employed human-centered design to build the platform and talked to thousands of patients, and hundreds of physicians and pharmacists, to gain real-world feedback. By putting patients in the center, giving them technology they will actually use, and then surrounding them with a pharmacist-led team, we give people the chance to succeed. Patients and pharmacists are the new disruptors in healthcare and play a critical part in applying new solutions to the age-old problem of non-adherence,” said Rajiv R. Shah, MD, CEO of MyMeds.    

About MyMeds: 
MyMeds modernizes the medication experience by enhancing pharmacy care services with patient-friendly, digital health technology. Our mission is to transform the way people think about taking their meds. Founded by a physician, and designed by patients, pharmacists and physicians, MyMeds helps people use the Digital + Human platform to easily learn more about their meds and get more engaged in their health. MyMeds is currently working with leading health plans, Fortune 500 employers, and pharmacy benefit managers.

About University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy: 
Founding members of the UAMS digital adherence research team are Lindsey Dayer, PharmD, BCACP, Paul O Gubbins, PharmD, Seth Heldenbrand, PharmD and Bradley C Martin, PharmD, PhD. This group has studied digital adherence and written several papers. Their first paper in 2013 is still the most cited article in digital adherence. Their most recent publication tested the top 100 adherence apps across all platforms for adherence features, functionality and level of health-literacy (ease of use) and incorporated user satisfaction scores of tested apps.